Road to Recovery: A series

I think everyone can relate when I say that there are periods in life when you just lose yourself; you lose your essence, you stop doing what you like and you forget what makes you you. I don’t belong to the ones who have it all figured out. I am messed up. I am indecisive. I know what all is wrong with me but there was one thing that was right – I was emotionally independent.

But this all changed when I met him. 

He had a broken heart, and I craved to fix it, not realising how he would completely shatter me.

Now, after 8 months, I have decided to escape the emotional trauma and have moved to a new city. This series is very personal – detailing out my emotions, the past, the present, the struggles, the harm, but hopefully in the end I’ll be able to let of everything negative and heal myself.

If anyone else out there is going to something similar, please know you are not alone.



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